3 Months Initially – Start anytime 29.4-10.5 – 100% Remote – Outside IR35

Our client has an existing, mature product, with a fairly significant user base. Today, most of the customers either run the product on-premises in their own data, or the client hosts it for them in their data centre. Historically it has taken a long time to set up and manage the infrastructure for each customer and is as a manual task. They have already done some work to automate the provisioning of the infrastructure, and are now focusing on the next phase which is to move to a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure using containerisation.

The project will have 3 main areas:

  • Containerisation of the existing application to gold standard (best practice)

  • Target architecture design (AWS container service (EKS), container registry, secrets management, networking, RBAC security etc)

  • Pipeline automation (infrastructure, application build, container, deployment, quality gates etc)

They are looking for someone to lead the project from a technical perspective who will also help upskill the existing team and provide guidance on best practice.

Essential skills:

  • Containerisation

  • Extensive experience of Kubernetes on AWS including design, implementation, monitoring and security.

  • All aspects of networking (NSGs, VLANs, network architecture)

  • AWS Key Management Service

  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines

  • Terraform and configuration management (Helm or Kustomize)

  • Operational aspects / NFR Design (e.g. patching, DR strategy, release management etc)

  • Ability to present technical and managerial audience

Desirable skills:

  • Team mentoring / knowledge transfer

  • Java application stack / JBOSS

  • Oracle / Postgres database